Watching Scary Movies: Why Do Some People Enjoy Feeling Scared?

feeling scared

Why do some people enjoy feeling scared?  With today being Halloween, this is the time of year (and literally the day) when people look forward to being scared and seek ways to experience fear. Going to a haunted house, riding a roller coaster, or just watching a scary movie are some of the ways people […]

Unhappy At Work?

Unhappy At Work

Unhappy at work? Here are some simple tips to improve happiness in the workplace: – Keep a plant in your office – Improve Your Desk Space. Statistics show that employee happiness levels rise when those employees are allowed to decorate their cubicles and bring in personal items for their desks. So bring a little cheer […]

How Valuable is the Teddy Bear to Childhood Development?

Childhood Development

By: Robyn Cassel, Ph.D. Items such as teddy bears, loveys, special blankets, etc. can be very healthy and positive for young. However, it is appropriate and healthy to establish realistic limits with the child as the child ages, additional boundaries might be important. Setting Boundaries For example, the child can be permitted to bring the […]

Positive Psychological Effects of March Madness

Psychological Effects

By: Melissa Fogel, Psy.D.(Psychological Effects) That magical time of year for sports fans is just around the corner as we enter the month of March and approach March Madness. March Madness is the NCAA basketball tournament that lasts for three weeks and impacts everything from businesses productivity to interpersonal relationships. In the month of March […]

Parents, Teens, and Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

By: Robyn Cassel, Ph.D. Parents can help bolster their child’s independent thinking skills, self-esteem, and ability to reach out for support by building a genuine, honest, validating, and open relationship with their youth. When young adults feel appreciated, heard, and accepted by their parents, they are more likely to communicate about their feelings and make […]

How I Reduced My Anxiety

Reduced Anxiety tips

By Liz Hankin, M.A., MFT In todays digital age we are all very concerned with what’s coming next and never seem to be happy in the moment. I swear every time a new iPhone or Apple Product comes out anxiety amongst the masses skyrockets. This need to be the best, by always knowing what is […]