Meet Our Team

Katy Scott, MSW

Registered Intern

Katy Scott is a Registered Social Work Intern in Florida and received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. Katy has been working full time as a therapist in South Florida since completing school and has experience with children, teens, young adults, couples and families with presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, relational difficulty and unresolved childhood trauma. Katy will be continuing training in attachment theory, early development, and inner child work in the coming year. Katy works primarily through a family systems theory lens but also has training in both DBT and CBT. Katy believes that each individual should be empowered towards personal change and offered the space to heal past wounds through being met where they are with empathy and compassion on the part of the clinician. Katy has experience in couples and family work and is passionate about improving individuals’ experiences within their relationships and with their family system.

Katy offers client’s space to process and find resolution in terms of past experiences and create an inner world which offers them peace and encouragement.  Katy believes that gaining the skills to recognize and shift behaviors, patterns, and habits can promote a more fulfilled life and successful relationships. In sessions Katy believes in supporting her client in finding meaning and purpose for their life, assisting them in creating a life worth living and building their self-wort