Meet Our Team

Victoria Hrzich, Psy.D.

Post-Doctoral Resident

Victoria Hrzich graduated with her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. Prior to that, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Adelphi University. Victoria completed her pre-doctoral internship at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, where she worked with Veterans with various physical and mental health concerns. Throughout her graduate training, she gained diverse experience working in college counseling, outpatient mental health, primary care, and VA settings.

Victoria enjoys working with adults of all ages and backgrounds. She has experience treating a wide range of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance issues, life transitions, and relationship difficulties. Dr. Hrzich approaches therapy from a holistic perspective, accounting for the mental, physical, and spiritual factors that impact a person’s functioning. She tailors treatment to each client’s unique needs and preferences by integrating techniques from various treatment models, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Dr. Hrzich also has a specialization in Health Psychology, helping clients manage physical health difficulties (e.g., chronic pain, weight management, diabetes, hypertension) and make healthy behavior changes to maximize their quality of life. In addition to therapy, Dr. Hrzich provides psychological testing services to aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and to help clients better understand their personality dynamics.

Victoria prides herself on engaging with her clients in a compassionate and collaborative manner to help them gain insight into their difficulties and reach their therapeutic goals.